Cultural Immersion

The cultural immersion activities constitute another one of our offers.

They provide the opportunity for our students to immerse themselves in the culture from within..

They are done in groups of not more than four people accompanied by an specialist in the topic that will be dealt with in the activity. We introduce here some of our cultural immersion activities:


Salta is a province in the north of Argentina.

It covers an area of 155.488 km2 and the population is of 1.333.365. The population density is 8,57 inhabitants/km2. There are 23 Departments and 58 municipalities located in the province of Salta.

Salta is one of the largest provinces in the country; it has a variety of climates and terrain, this is why the agriculture is so rich and diverse.

Salta once formed part of the Inca's trade route. Later, Salta was a central trade and communication point between Rio de la Plata’s viceroyalty and Peru's..

The province, Salta, shares its name with its capital city. It was founded in 1580 by Dn Hernando de Lerma. Its historical quarter is considered architectural heritage of our country. It’s one of the many places where our traditional history has been well preserved.

Photographic Safari

Photo by Gustavo Caviglia.

We travel to some emblematic sites according to the student's interest in order to capture the views and activities the various locations have to offer.

How was our city created?

Photo from Archivo Bien Argentino.

We recognize the traces of different immigration flows.

Popular Religiosity

Photo from Archivo Bien Argentino.

The Salteño is very religious. Let's know why.

A place that tells its legends

Photo by Sofía Caviglia.

From each corner of Salta there are legends sprouting. Let’s discover them.

Nature comes across us

Photo from Archivo Bien Argentino.

The entire province takes us by surprise with its natural beauty and we can’t close our eyes to it.

The event

Photo from Archivo Bien Argentino.

Luminary Feast Eve in honor of Our Lady of the Rosary, in Iruya.

The visitor will be taken to sporting or cultural events available at the moment.

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