Our courses and study materials are tailored-made. Our goal is to ensure that each of our students live their Spanish learning as a once-in-a-lifetime experience. .

Levels and Courses

Our courses cover an ample spectrum of needs: 3 levels of 40 hours each, that are in turn separated into 2 different sublevels of proficiency. Each one (A, B and C) consists of 40 hours of study.

A A1

The student develops a good understanding of the basic structures of the language. This will allow for the student to gain the necessary comprehension skills to make their way through familiar and controlled situations in both oral and written formats.


The student will reach a level that will allow them to communicate fluently and confidently during new and unsupervised situations, which do not require a particularly specialized language management.


The student will be capable of facing any situation that might require of them to make use of advanced understanding and fluent use of the language, and will be able to put the provided knowledge of our culture to good use as well.


Regular or intensive courses for companies and people who live in Argentina.

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Furthermore, Bien Argentino offers:

I - Intensive Courses.

II - Special Courses.

III - Other destinations.

I - Intensive Courses:

A certificate is given and taking the exam is optional.

Offer 1:

40 hours of lessons and study materials.

Duration: 2 weeks.

Fees per week: U$s350.

Offer 2:

40 hours of lessons, 2 cultural activities and study materials.

Duration: 2 weeks.

Fees per week: U$s390.

The prices given in this page are fees of group courses. For individual (1 person) courses, please, contact us.

Course timetable Monday to Friday:

Lessons from 10:30 to 12:30 AM.

Free time for Lunch from 12:30 AM to 1:30 PM.

Lessons from 1:30 to 3:30 PM.

Touristic- cultural activities after 4:00 PM.

For a tailored timetable please contact us.

II - Special Courses:

1) Regular courses for foreign university students:

120 hours of lessons with material..

Duration: 2 or 3 months depending on the student's first language and the level he/she wishes to achieve.

2) Courses for DELE -international test- and the proficiency exams under the supervision of professionals from a university in Argentina, CELU:

Number of lessons according to the student needs.

Duration: 2 or 3 months depending on the student's first language and the level he/ she wishes to achieve.

III - Other destinations:

We work together with other Spanish Schools in Argentina: in Buenos Aires, Córdoba, Mendoza, Bariloche and Ushuaia. We can help you organize your course and have the chance to travel at the same time.

Please ask for details at

Cultural activities accompanied by experts.

Photo from Archivo Bien Argentino.

*Visits to traditional and historical places in the city of Salta.

*Visits to the outskirts of Salta.


Visit to museums.

Visit to a local theatre.

"Folklore" classes.


Cultural activities may take place in the afternoon, evening or on weekends depending on the selected activity and the level of the student.

Important information for students.

I. Registration and Beginning of Courses:

To participate in any of our courses, each student should fill out the registration form and send it to Bien Argentino.

Download the registration form in the language that you are most familiar with: Spanish - English - Portuguese.

(Luego de completarlo debe enviarlo adjunto por email a

Una vez inscripto, el alumno debe:

* The student should call us, at least 48 hours in advance of beginning the course, thus allowing adequate time to arrange the level exam and payment of the course fees.

* A certificate of participation is given to all students at the end of the module. Exams are optional.

II. Proficiency exams:

Each student will be able to sit for DELE or CELU exams according to the following levels: Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced. The exams are offered three times per year.

III. Modality of our courses:

a) Individual lessons.

b) Group lessons of 3 to 5 people according to each student's level and native language.

c) Individual or group cultural excursions.

IV. Fees:

Ask us about any of our courses at:

V. Accommodation:

Students will have a list with accommodation offers available to them at the Institute. They will be able to choose between family homes, furnished apartments, hostels and hotels, according to their preferences.